Friday, February 26, 2010

FO: striped toast

pattern: toast

yarn: patons classic wool merino

needle: sz. 7

started: Feb. 24, 2010

finished: Feb. 25, 2010

modeled by the beautiful and talented chachi! i love when i have friends captive at work, and i make them model my knitted items. ;) and who else can you just tell to jump into a handstand on the spot! chachi always shows up, indeed.
i really like these gloves, the yarn looks so much cooler knit up than it did in the skein. i like that the color repeats happen so often, kept the knitting interesting! i made them a bit shorter in the wrist area then the pattern calls for...mainly because i wanted to knit them up fast. i'm so impatient!
in other cold and exciting has been snowing like crazy here! and i think i'm the only one who really loves it. being from michigan, it honestly can't get cold enough for me. here is a picture of the winter wonderland from my room....
and also, look at all these dedicated yogis that came out for class! oooh yeeeeeah. namaste indeed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FO: dayglo hat take 2 (or 10)

pattern: star crossed beret

yarn: patons classic wool merino

needle: sz. 9 & 11

started: Feb. 21, 2010

finished: Feb. 24, 2010

the lovely and talented ashleigh asked that i make her this hat, i love that she wanted the super bright highlighter yellow. anyone who can wear dayglo is ok in my book! i have this pattern memorized by now, if i really sit down and get going i can pretty much finish one in a day. now that's skill! ;)

i've had a few other requests from teachers for similar hats, so i am definitely keeping busy in terms of knitting for others. it hasn't really left alot of time to knit anything for myself. i really want to cast on some cozy worsted weight socks (mainly because i know they will knit up really fast.) i should probably get going on those, because the weather is only going to get warmer....ahhh!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

deja vu

i'm not even going to go into how i haven't posted in FOREVER. countless hats have been knit since then, and not much else! :)

last night to mix it up i cast-on for some is the beautiful betty helping model them (aka wondering what the heck i put next to her.)

i must say, i love the mindlessness of stockinette stitch. some might think it's a bit boring, but i honestly loving just being able to zone out, and it's helped me perfect the art of knitting without looking! hehe. i finished that glove and about half of the other one since last night, not baaaaaad.

pics to come once they are cast-off!