Sunday, December 20, 2009

secret santa

last night i had a secret santa xmas shindig with some friends from work. i love secret santas, but i'm so bad at keeping my person a secret! somehow, this time i managed to do it. and i had the lovely and talented danielle. she seemed to like my gift, fingerless gloves i knit her, cookies and a cool om thingy she can hang on her wall!

and its not officially a party with yoga friends until someone is upside and all...


Saturday, December 19, 2009


not that i don't love a good scarf....but why do they take forever to make?! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. i would take a cowl any day of the week. but alas, a friend of mine requested a scarf (he's a boy) and i think this is quite masculine looking, no?!

i feel like i've been working on it forever and it's only half done...and i ran out of yarn! boo. i think this is going to have to be a post-xmas project. i just have too much to cast-on in the next few days, i shouldn't even be online! gotta go! here's a preview....

Thursday, December 17, 2009


well, hellooooooo. i haven't been able to post because i've been knitting hat, after hat, after hat. i've pretty much become a hat machine these days! i can't believe how many people love this hat. i kind of want to steer them in another direction, because before this i never really knit a pattern more than twice. and i think i'm going on about 15! ah! but it's nice having such a good response. :)

this of course has meant NO xmas knitting. AHH!!!!!! remember that blanket i started for my mom last january because i knew i would procrastinate? yeaaaaaah, it's not really close to done.

i have almost no time left, i think i need to get a plan b. asap.

here are my lovely friends modeling some hats i made for them!

ok, onto more hats.....