Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FO: love cocoon

pattern: love cocoon

yarn: knitpicks wool of the andes bulky

needle: sz. 13

started: july 24, 2011

finished july 24, 2011

this picture does not do justice for how adorable this little cocoon is when its in use! just imagine an itty bitty baby in there, so cute!

i'm sending a bunch of baby stuff my cousin's way, since she is in the baby business :) so you might be seeing alot of little things in the near future!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

FOs and Broken Toes!

pattern: susie's reading mitts

yarn: lion brand angora merino in blossom

needle: sz. 5

started: july 12, 2011

finished july 15, 2011

these mitts are sooooooooooo soft! i got this yarn as a gift from my boss...which i'll tell you more about in a bit :) the pattern is super easy and fast, a little bit too girly for me though. i love knitting with pink but i never wear it, so these will be an early bday present for my mom!

pattern: baggy bolero

yarn: knit picks telemark in aubergine

needle: sz. 8 & sz. 10.5

started: june 30, 2011

finished july 12, 2011

i wasn't really sure how this was going to turn out, i was worried it might be a little too shapeless. but i think it works! it doesn't go over my shoulders as much as i'd like, but i really like how baggy it is....very cute! i like the color alot too, any color i can get into my wardrobe besides black is a good thing :)

now for the story of my toes! not for the squeamish!!!!!! :)

you might be wondering how i all of a sudden have had all this time to knit! well a couple fridays ago i had an accident at work. we are doing construction and i was carrying some cardboard boxes to be thrown out and i bumped a radiator cover that wasn't attached to the ground or wall and it fell on my right foot.

my first thought was 'of course! there is always something falling on me!' but then i looked down and saw blood and two of my toes were cut very badly. people came running and they all freaked out, which really freaked me out, i honestly though my toes were goners. since i've never been to a hospital or really had an accident this was SO scary.

turns out i broke (or as the dr put it 'smashed') two of my toes and have stitches in both. :( its been really hard getting around, i laid in bed for the first few days then tried to hobble around the city....but that was so exhausting. so i've been pretty much knitting non-stop with all my free time! my boss bought me yarn as a get well gift. :)

im just now starting to feel a bit better, i get my stitches out tomorrow! also, it was really weird how bruised my arm got from the iv they gave me, as you can see from the bruise below something went wrong?!

here are some pics for you to enjoy of me with my wonderful friends in the hospital and my healing arm.

Friday, July 1, 2011

FO: sweet sweater dress

pattern: sweet sweater dress

yarn: lion brand amazing in aurora

needle: sz. 5 & sz. 9

started: june 19, 2011

finished june 29, 2011

i really love how this turned out. the color changes in this yarn are really great, although its kind of annoying to knit with. the yarn is really fuzzy and gets tangled with itself very easily...but it was worth the trouble! :)

i made this as a going away present for my little friend ella who i have been babysitting recently! she is so cute and im going to really miss her. she has given me major baby fever..... uh oh... lol

im really thinking of getting a part-time gig as a babysitter since i love being with kids so much, maybe that will fix that baby fever thing i have goin on.