Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on the clock

one of the best things about my job and about the hours i work, is that i get alot of alone time and alot of down time once it gets past 10pm. this means lots of knitting time :) i try to make sure that i always have at least one wip with me. today i brought my embossed leaves socks made in lisa souza's mother of pearl. i love love LOVE this yarn, the colors are really subtle, and its just so soft. this pair of socks has been 75% done for about 3 months. the only thing to blame is my insane a.d.d and casting-on addiction. the other sock has been waiting for its partner for some time now, i'm hoping to finish this up soon.

also i have my branching out scarf, its a proud moment because i'm knitting from my stash! and i also wanted to kind of go back to basics, i haven't made a scarf in years, and i love scarves, so why not!

and finally i have my buttony sweater, this baby was knit up in about 10 days! it's a personal record for concentration and devotion. and of course, i put off the tiny little last sleeve, probably doubling the time it's taking to finish. :) but i cant wait for it to be done, and one of my first finished sweaters! so here we have my night at work summed up:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

101 in 1001!

so i joined the group 101 in 1001 on ravelry and i love making lists so much, almost as much as i like crossing things out on lists (i've been known to add things i've already done on to-do lists, just so i can cross them out) so even though it's a partial list, i'll put what i have so far...i think i'm going to count today as the starting day because i'm puttin' it out there! and that will get me to finish the list sooner. :)

started: may 11, 2008
ends: february 7, 2011
completed: 7/101

1-design socks
2- get a job i like (done nov.5, 2008)
3-get a dog/cat
4- get a bike (done july 2008)
5-handpaint yarn
6-start a regular home (yoga) practice
7-knit a sweater (done may 13, 2008)
8- knit the boyfriend an ipod case (June 25, 2008)
9-go to colorado
10-go on vacation somewhere sunny
11-open an etsy shop
12-go on a yoga retreat
13-teach yoga (more)
15-get a library card (in ne) and use it regularly! (july 2008)
16-learn to spin
17-no pop for a month
18-knit a lace shawl (clapotis counts! aug. 19, 2008)
19-knit a blanket (regular human size)
20-have a garden
21-make homemade bread
22-get a sewing machine
23-sew myself a piece of clothing
24-mail 2008 holiday cards
25-make a new friend (s&b ladies :) )
26-go on a roadtrip
27-go hiking
28-send an unexpected gift to someone
29-lose weight (an undisclosed amount) ;)
30-make a candle
31-knit knee socks with scrap yarn
32-paint a picture
33-learn to make smoothies
34-buy a blender (see 33)
35-learn to make my own iced coffee
36-learn to hook rugs (sept. 2008)
37-get a regular meditation practice
38-read 5 books in a month
39-read 3 nonfiction book in a month
40-knit at least one thing from every knitting book/magazine i own
41-go on a cruise
42-go on a trip with my mom
43-drink green tea everyday for a month
44-get a massage
45-own a rocking chair
46-own a cozy chair (which will become my knitting chair) :)
47-join a s&b (aug. 2008)
48-go on a trip by myself
49-knit 10 things from my ravelry que
50-learn how to play my guitar
51-knit something for everyone in my immediate family
52-get a new laptop
53-get a car
54-volunteer for 3 different organizations
56-carve a pumpkin
57-get my own christmas tree and decorate it
58-bake a pie
59-move out of ny (july 3, 2008)

well helloooooooooooo!

so i'm really buckling down this time. and i am going to become a blogger! i am bound and determined after (at least) 3 attempts, i really think it's going to stick this time. i joined ravelry about a month ago and it has really gotten my knitting mojo going. i'm knitting like its nobody's business, on the subway, at home, at work, i'm tempted to start walking and knitting, but i doubt it will work on the busy nyc sidewalks and i've had terrible visions of someone grabbing my knitting and making a run for it, never mind my ipod and phone in plain view.

so i am a 24 year old currently living in brooklyn, ny. i came to ny for school and have been here for about 6 years. i'm originally from michigan, and will actually be making a cross-country move to lincoln, nebraska in about a month and a half, and i'm pretty scared about the transition from city to country, but being from michigan i think i'll do just fine.

currently on my needles i have about 4 projects, i am a complete a.d.d knitter, i cast-on like there is no tomorrow (because you never know!) i'm working on a regular monkey sock, a waving lace sock, the buttony sweater, and a monkey knee sock...i think there's something else, i just can't remember.

so i'm hoping to get these all done, i don't think i can take many more wips laying around, and i've been knitting from my stash! one of my proudest moments. :) ok i think this is good for a first post, i shall return with more juicy knitting details and hopefully some pictures.