Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on the clock

one of the best things about my job and about the hours i work, is that i get alot of alone time and alot of down time once it gets past 10pm. this means lots of knitting time :) i try to make sure that i always have at least one wip with me. today i brought my embossed leaves socks made in lisa souza's mother of pearl. i love love LOVE this yarn, the colors are really subtle, and its just so soft. this pair of socks has been 75% done for about 3 months. the only thing to blame is my insane a.d.d and casting-on addiction. the other sock has been waiting for its partner for some time now, i'm hoping to finish this up soon.

also i have my branching out scarf, its a proud moment because i'm knitting from my stash! and i also wanted to kind of go back to basics, i haven't made a scarf in years, and i love scarves, so why not!

and finally i have my buttony sweater, this baby was knit up in about 10 days! it's a personal record for concentration and devotion. and of course, i put off the tiny little last sleeve, probably doubling the time it's taking to finish. :) but i cant wait for it to be done, and one of my first finished sweaters! so here we have my night at work summed up:

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