Sunday, May 11, 2008

101 in 1001!

so i joined the group 101 in 1001 on ravelry and i love making lists so much, almost as much as i like crossing things out on lists (i've been known to add things i've already done on to-do lists, just so i can cross them out) so even though it's a partial list, i'll put what i have so far...i think i'm going to count today as the starting day because i'm puttin' it out there! and that will get me to finish the list sooner. :)

started: may 11, 2008
ends: february 7, 2011
completed: 7/101

1-design socks
2- get a job i like (done nov.5, 2008)
3-get a dog/cat
4- get a bike (done july 2008)
5-handpaint yarn
6-start a regular home (yoga) practice
7-knit a sweater (done may 13, 2008)
8- knit the boyfriend an ipod case (June 25, 2008)
9-go to colorado
10-go on vacation somewhere sunny
11-open an etsy shop
12-go on a yoga retreat
13-teach yoga (more)
15-get a library card (in ne) and use it regularly! (july 2008)
16-learn to spin
17-no pop for a month
18-knit a lace shawl (clapotis counts! aug. 19, 2008)
19-knit a blanket (regular human size)
20-have a garden
21-make homemade bread
22-get a sewing machine
23-sew myself a piece of clothing
24-mail 2008 holiday cards
25-make a new friend (s&b ladies :) )
26-go on a roadtrip
27-go hiking
28-send an unexpected gift to someone
29-lose weight (an undisclosed amount) ;)
30-make a candle
31-knit knee socks with scrap yarn
32-paint a picture
33-learn to make smoothies
34-buy a blender (see 33)
35-learn to make my own iced coffee
36-learn to hook rugs (sept. 2008)
37-get a regular meditation practice
38-read 5 books in a month
39-read 3 nonfiction book in a month
40-knit at least one thing from every knitting book/magazine i own
41-go on a cruise
42-go on a trip with my mom
43-drink green tea everyday for a month
44-get a massage
45-own a rocking chair
46-own a cozy chair (which will become my knitting chair) :)
47-join a s&b (aug. 2008)
48-go on a trip by myself
49-knit 10 things from my ravelry que
50-learn how to play my guitar
51-knit something for everyone in my immediate family
52-get a new laptop
53-get a car
54-volunteer for 3 different organizations
56-carve a pumpkin
57-get my own christmas tree and decorate it
58-bake a pie
59-move out of ny (july 3, 2008)

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