Sunday, May 11, 2008

well helloooooooooooo!

so i'm really buckling down this time. and i am going to become a blogger! i am bound and determined after (at least) 3 attempts, i really think it's going to stick this time. i joined ravelry about a month ago and it has really gotten my knitting mojo going. i'm knitting like its nobody's business, on the subway, at home, at work, i'm tempted to start walking and knitting, but i doubt it will work on the busy nyc sidewalks and i've had terrible visions of someone grabbing my knitting and making a run for it, never mind my ipod and phone in plain view.

so i am a 24 year old currently living in brooklyn, ny. i came to ny for school and have been here for about 6 years. i'm originally from michigan, and will actually be making a cross-country move to lincoln, nebraska in about a month and a half, and i'm pretty scared about the transition from city to country, but being from michigan i think i'll do just fine.

currently on my needles i have about 4 projects, i am a complete a.d.d knitter, i cast-on like there is no tomorrow (because you never know!) i'm working on a regular monkey sock, a waving lace sock, the buttony sweater, and a monkey knee sock...i think there's something else, i just can't remember.

so i'm hoping to get these all done, i don't think i can take many more wips laying around, and i've been knitting from my stash! one of my proudest moments. :) ok i think this is good for a first post, i shall return with more juicy knitting details and hopefully some pictures.

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