Tuesday, March 31, 2009

to dye for

last night i got a little dyeing done, i forget how much i enjoy doing it. it can get a little messy and somehow i end up getting the whole floor wet, but i get such pretty yarn out of it! :) last night i tried something different, i just used different concentrations of the same color. i like how it turned out, hopefully someone else does too! pardon the bad picture, that is compliments of my camera phone. better pics to come once it's dry. i did get a pretty bad headache after dyeing though, i think it might have been from the vinegar smell. here is the yarn mid-dry.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


happy friday! i'm not really in the knitting mood tonight. booo. but i'm always in the mood for cute little animal tongues! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so cute!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

taste the rainbow

feast your eyes! the first thigh high is almost done, and i love em. and vow to wear them outside the house. :)

now, who wants to weave in some ends?


Monday, March 23, 2009


this was a knitting filled weekend (of course!). i started a couple new things...but don't fret, one of this them is almost half done! oooooooh yeeeeeeah. i saw a (free!) pattern for some thigh highs and knew they had to be mine. and i FINALLY found something that i could use my scrap sock yarn for. third project is a charm, that's for sure. they are going so fast, i think its a combination of using sz. 3's and using different yarn keeps my a.d.d brain totally intrigued. here is a pic in progress, but i'm already at my knee, wahoo!

i also started my liesl in some comfy knitpicks. it's like buttah. pictures coming soon!

in other news, i'm missing new york so much. oooooh sooooo muuuuuuch. i'm getting more of a feel for when i shall be leaving, and i think i'll be hittin' the road either at the end of june or beginning of july. i can't believe it's almost been a year! wowza. my heartache was made a little worse following my friend's twitters this weekend, i might have to start blocking them ;).

here is my favorite from a friend back home...

patrice: Grinding a drag queen..ohai 1am.

oh nyc, i miss you. <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i can make that.....i think.....

i finished my noro cowl! it was a super quick knit, i just cast-on 100 sts. on some 10.5's and knit until i couldn't knit no mo'. the yarn is sooooooo niiiiiiiice. its a cotton/wool/silk/nylon blend, and it's really soft to the skin. my neck can be a bit of a yarn snob, preferring malabrigo, or equally squishy yarn, but this is wonderful. here are some pics of me basking in the sun and my new noro (p.s my hair has a mind of its own)

noro sunbathing...

i was also perusing some of my fav. clothing sites and found some inspirational knits. i can't believe how much they charge for some of this stuff, it makes me want to try and make it myself! that would just be so much more satisfying. here are some of the things the i just loooOOooOve...

i know those seem a bit ambitious. i consider myself an almost intermediate :) here is something a little more my speed that i really want to try...

how cute is that?! i'm all about the bright yellow and oranges lately. i like having one big splash of color. so maybe i'll try my hand at this, a girl can dream!


Monday, March 16, 2009

birthday recap

i had a most fabulous birthday! i took the day off of work (wahoo!) and spent friday in omaha with my boyfriend. first stop of course, was the yarn shop. i always get so overwhelmed there! especially when i don't have a project in mind...i always default to a little bit of yarn rather than too much. i'm not sure if this is a good thing....anywhos, i knew i didn't want sock yarn, i thought maybe some kidsilk haze, but i ended up getting some noro. i have never knit with noro, it's always seemed a bit rich for my blood, but i'm so glad i got some. the colors are amazing and i definitely see some more in my future. i got one skein of taiyo, thinking it would be perfect for a cowl (and i was right!)

after the yarn store we went to whole foods (i miss whole foods so much, just walking in the doors i got so excited, i am crazy) and then we went to anthropologie. my love for anthro runs deep, i know they have crazy high prices, and perhaps an itty bitty chip in there adorable shoulder, but i can't help it! i've only ever gotten stuff on sale there, i just like to browse. :) i did end up getting a few trinkets...

my noro, a new journal, some stationary, teacup with birds and elephant s&p shakers!

after anthro we went to see watchmen in imax. this was my first imax experience, and we probably picked a good movie for it. i'm not really with the whole graphic novel thing, but it wasn't bad, maybe a tad long (almost 3 hours). but pretty entertaining, if you like big blue naked guys.

after the movie we had dinner at the cheesecake factory, needless to say i was very full and very happy by the end of the day. :)

here are some other lovely things i got for my birthday, a self-proclaimed teasnob of a friend sent me some lovely tea...

and i also participated in a birthday swap on ravelry and got these goodies...

(some biscotti and mentos didn't make it to the picture) :)

and last but certainly not least, a bunny home!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

this was from the bf, and i am SO EXCITED. the bunny is yet to come, i'm looking on petfinder, but i'm not really sure if i should get one now or when i'm back in nyc. i feel like moving with a bunny might be a little cuckoo. but i can't wait!!!!

the bf also made me a birthday cake, confetti cake with homemade peanut butter frosting, be still my heart...


Friday, March 13, 2009

the big 2-5

its my birthday and i'll post a sentence if i want to! :)

(more to come tomorrow, i'm just so sleepy)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

yarn barf & jtt!

the back is done on my oblique (weee!) and i started the left front at lunch...i pulled from the center of the ball, and look what came out! yarn barf, that kind of looks like a bat. :) and yes that is the one and only jonathan taylor thomas in the background! i love home improvement. i try to get in as much tv as possible while on break at work since we don't have cable at home, this fact makes me cry a million tears. but i live to tell the tale!

yarn barf in action...

this just in! dad sent me a picture of him wearing his birthday slippers, they fit! yaaaaay :) check out those chicken legs haha.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what the!

so i have been a busy little bee working away on my oblique sweater...the back is almost done! but there is some bad news... i ordered about 1100 yards of wool of the andes, thats about what i figured i should need, and wouldn't ya know i've used almost 6 skeins on the back alone!!!!! according to the ball band and my crazy good math skillz thats about 660 yards. how is this possible . what's up knitpicks?!?!?!? how am i using over half my yarn for just the back? aaaaaaaaanyways, i made an order yesterday for some more and am crossing my fingers they are in the same color family, aaiiieeee!

i haven't really been knitting on much else, surprisingly enough. i have about 1.5 of my slippers done, but the cord for my knitpicks options needles keep coming apart from the part where you screw it in. knitpicks is out to get me, but my love for them will never die...i don't think.

here is what the back looks like so far, it seems kind of large and in charge but who knows.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

do not try this at home

i had another brilliant cast-on idea! so what if i just started oblique, right?! hehe. i had this urge to use up my scrap sock yarn for something. first i thought, scarf or shawl. but after what happened with the last scarf, i think i will be limiting myself to one scarf a year, but anyways! and i wasn't sure about a shawl, i have my clapotis that i don't really wear, and the colors in that are so varied, it might end up looking really similar.

i decided on a cardigan! so this weekend i cast-on for tempest and got about 4 inches into it when i realized that each end had these weird loose stitches, i was so confused....and i have to admit, i miiiiiiiiight have been knitting under the influence. i knew it was a bad idea! so i just threw that wip away. but i have decided to give it another go. i think this time i am going to try the whisper cardigan from the new interweave. i have two copies by the way, so if anyone out there would like one, give me a holler.

i'm hoping using all the scrap yarn ends up looking crazy cool instead of just crazy. it's a short little cardigan also which will be nice and quick. :) i think. here is some of the scrap yarn that will probably be used (except for the neon).

Monday, March 2, 2009

new obsession

i finished my first pair of felted clogs! i'm always a little late to the knitting party...but i figured over 4,000 knitters on ravelry can't be wrong. :) i whipped up some slippers for my dad's bday, after a few issues with the sole, i finally got them all done except for the felting. this was where i was a little scared, since i have never felted anything on purpose i didn't know how this was going to work. it also didn't really help that i don't know my dad's shoe size (oops) i just have a general idea. his foot is average....i think. i agitated and removed, agitated and removed quite a bit, and tried them on (wet slippers=gross). and i think i finally got a good size!

they are currently drying with some plastic bags stuffed in them, but i really should send them soon. his birthday is friday and i want them to get there on time. i figure i can send some semi-damp slippers in the mail. i love that i'm sending wet wool as a gift :) hehe. here they are mid-dry...

and i decided i needed some as well! now that i am familiar with the pattern, and they really do knit up really fast (got one done last night). here is the yarn i'm using for moi...

i see why people knit a bunch of these in a row, i have a feeling it will be a very slipper filled christmas this year :)

my other wips aren't in a total time-out, i knit a few random rows here and there on the oblique. and i am falling more and more in love with the harmony needles! i really need to cast-on for the ribbing of my pimlico shrug, because i know if it sits long enough it may never be picked up again, ah! and i need to pick-up stitches for the next block on my mom's blanket. big plans over here!

i'm also trying to figure what yarny goodness i should ask for, for my bday, which is coming up. i was thinking of just filling a knitpicks of loopyewe cart and asking for that ^_^. we shall see. what would you ask for?!

have a good day! <3