Monday, March 2, 2009

new obsession

i finished my first pair of felted clogs! i'm always a little late to the knitting party...but i figured over 4,000 knitters on ravelry can't be wrong. :) i whipped up some slippers for my dad's bday, after a few issues with the sole, i finally got them all done except for the felting. this was where i was a little scared, since i have never felted anything on purpose i didn't know how this was going to work. it also didn't really help that i don't know my dad's shoe size (oops) i just have a general idea. his foot is average....i think. i agitated and removed, agitated and removed quite a bit, and tried them on (wet slippers=gross). and i think i finally got a good size!

they are currently drying with some plastic bags stuffed in them, but i really should send them soon. his birthday is friday and i want them to get there on time. i figure i can send some semi-damp slippers in the mail. i love that i'm sending wet wool as a gift :) hehe. here they are mid-dry...

and i decided i needed some as well! now that i am familiar with the pattern, and they really do knit up really fast (got one done last night). here is the yarn i'm using for moi...

i see why people knit a bunch of these in a row, i have a feeling it will be a very slipper filled christmas this year :)

my other wips aren't in a total time-out, i knit a few random rows here and there on the oblique. and i am falling more and more in love with the harmony needles! i really need to cast-on for the ribbing of my pimlico shrug, because i know if it sits long enough it may never be picked up again, ah! and i need to pick-up stitches for the next block on my mom's blanket. big plans over here!

i'm also trying to figure what yarny goodness i should ask for, for my bday, which is coming up. i was thinking of just filling a knitpicks of loopyewe cart and asking for that ^_^. we shall see. what would you ask for?!

have a good day! <3

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