Monday, January 31, 2011

FO: do i even need to say?

pattern: this again

yarn: patons wool

needle: sz. 9 & sz. 11

started: january 28, 2011

finished: january 30, 2011

i hope you aren't sick of seeing this hat...because i am! ;) a friend asked that i knit this for december. ah! i have a problem with not being able to knit things that i have a deadline for, instead i knit things for myself and get even more behind on knitting for others!

i have maybe 3 more projects on the horizon promised to other people, but after that i think im going to make 2011 the year of knitting for myself!!! :)

ps this hat has me wanting a black version for myself...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FO: baby bear hat and mitts

pattern: patons classic wool

yarn: patons classic wool

needle: sz. 7

started: january 25, 2011

finished: january 27, 2011

i cant get over how cute this pattern is! baby things are great because they are so fast to knit and so adorably teeny tiny!

this was my first time doing duplicate stitch, and thanks to youtube, it was pretty easy to figure out. it might not be the best duplicate stitching i will ever do in my life but im glad i have another skill under my belt, thanks to baby gavin :)

i cant wait to see them on him!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

nothing can stop us

nothing can stop us from getting to knitting group! not even snow and the same time!

here we are digging our way to the subway after another successful knitting group. tonight we hit an all time high of 5 people! wooowooo.

michelle made my night by knitting a baby bootie that was too big for anyone at knitting group. hehe

i have some (baby) things ready to fly off the needles pretty stay tuned! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

FO: vancouver fog & baby gavin

pattern: vancouver fog

yarn: lion brand fisherman wool

needle: sz. 8

started: january 20, 2011

finished: january 23,2011

these are a thank you gift to my friend matt who introduced me to the apartment in which i am currently living. finding an apartment in new york is up there with some of the most stressful stuff i have dealt with, so having his help made the process totally painless.

he asked specifically for cables, he's a man who knows what he wants! this yarn is a bit scratchy, but i kind of like it...its definitely a very hardy yarn.

in more exciting i got to meet and hang out with my friend's one month old baby gavin!!! you might remember gavin from such things as this post. i am sad and totally embarrassed to say that his blanket has yet to be finished! ah! i know, there is no excuse. with all the FO's ive had lately i could have at least finished his blanket!

i feel badly, but i know he'll totally appreciate it once its done. :) here he is with mom...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

knitspiration: grandpa sweater edition

i have a special place in my heart for grandpa sweaters. i came across this beauty in the men's section of urban outfitters and fell in love! its really hard to get myself to buy knitted goods though when i always think 'hey! i could make that!' even though the odds of me ever doing so are very slim.

this sweater was on sale for $99 from $300 (!!!) yeah, i think i would rather attempt to make it myself.

perhaps someday if i get my sweater making skills together i can really make it. right now im working on mastering other people's patterns before i move on to actually creating my own! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

home/knitting improvement!

i finally have an actual chair to sit in while i knit! weeeeeeee! my new apartment is about the size of a large shoebox, so i've been using my bed as a chair for the past couple months...until now!

i got this love seat from urban outfitters, and i am so happy with it, it definitely makes my little apartment feel more like a home. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FO: the leonidas aka knitting with scraps!

pattern: the leonidas

yarn: patons classic wool merino

needle: sz. 3

started: january 17, 2011

finished: january 17, 2011

i've been trying to knit a bit more from my stash, and so i present to you the leonidas! the pattern was inspired by the movie 300 (one of my favs). it didnt really use that much of my stash, and only took about one episode of cake boss to knit, but i like it! :)

i must also mention that i had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on leonidas himself (gerard butler) when he came to take a yoga class a couple months ago. mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

more scrap knitting to come! i'm currently frogging a blanket that almost was to make a sweater. weee!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: side-ways ribs cardigan

pattern: side-ways ribs cardigan

yarn: lion brand alpine wool tweed in barley

needle: sz. 13

started: january 11, 2011

finished: january 15, 2011

super fast and easy knit. this yarn is really cozy and soft, two thumbs up! i did the 3 needle bind-off the wrong way the first time so i had a crazy seam going down the back, i debated just leaving it because ripping back makes me crazy! but i figured since i already put so much time and love into this sweater the least i could do was seam it correctly. :) im glad i did.

and of course, right when i start seaming the sides and sleeves look who gets niiiiiice and cooooozy...

outtake! i usually make my boyfriend take about 50 pictures of me to find one i like @_@ thats how we get lots of these gems...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

FO: my caponcho

pattern: rosa's caponcho

yarn: patons classic wool (held double)

needle: sz. 11

started: january 6, 2011

finished: january 12, 2011

i actually finished something that isn't a hat or mittens! i'm feeling so good about this. this pattern was so easy peasy and fast that i definitely think i'll be making another one. i thought i would like wearing it best with the points at my sides but i actually really like it with the points in the front and back.

for the most part this was great subway knitting, i'm conviced thats how i got it done in about a week! towards the end it got a little bulky but i made it work. :)

i love it!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

halfway there

another great knitting group tonight! and i do believe we might have our first male member. woowooo!

last night i cast-on the side-ways ribs cardigan...i love it so much! bulky yarn on sz. 13 needles?! yes please!

here i am modeling what it would kindasorta look like once done. :) hehe

Monday, January 10, 2011

almost done!

im not sure how much longer to go, but i think its just about done! i thought i might like it with the points on the sides, but i actually really like it as the poncho. what do you think? ps, like my bow?! got it on sale :) hehe

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WIP: caponcho

i was getting so impatient with the progress on my stockholm scarf, that i had to cast-on for something new! something bulky on big needles :) so, i bring you rosa's caponcho! it's a little bit cape, a little bit poncho...totally my style. i started it two days ago and look how much is done so far! thats what im talkin' about.

i think i made the cowl a little bit too long, but i'm liking how bulky it is up there. i can already tell im going to love this once its done, i already see another in my future! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FO: urban necessity gloves

pattern: urban necessity gloves

yarn: lion brand amazing

needle: sz. 5

started: december 1, 2010

finished: december 3, 2010

this is an old(ish) FO, but i wanted to show it anyway :). i added the thumb thing so i could text! this was my second time trying this pattern and there are still a few things i would change...but overall i like em!

i didn't get a picture of the other glove, but they are definitely fraternal twins. these are pretty warm, but i must say i might need to make some bulky 100% wool mittens. the winter here has been pretty cold and i need all the help i can get!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

knitting triangle

today was the first official meeting of my new knitting triangle! usually my friend joy and i get together and knit, but today she recruited her friend sonni. we're hoping to make this a regular weekly thing, yay!
here we are at our first official meeting :)

don't mind my i-just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

here is the progress on my stockholm scarf so far, something tells me this thing is going to take forever. ah!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

vacation knitting

i've been in michigan the past few days enjoying some family time, and on the flight here i cast-on for a new project...the stockholm scarf! i love how big and snuggly this cowl/scarf looks, it right up my alley.

i fancy myself a relatively fast knitter, but when you have 276 stitches per round, its so hard to get much done in a sitting! i only got about an inch done on a two hour flight! ah!

this project will definitely help me to practice patience. im really likING it so far. while i've been here i bought yarn for two more similar projects. i guess i'm all about the neckwear! :)

ps happy new year! one of my resolutions: BLOG MORE! wooowooo