Monday, January 31, 2011

FO: do i even need to say?

pattern: this again

yarn: patons wool

needle: sz. 9 & sz. 11

started: january 28, 2011

finished: january 30, 2011

i hope you aren't sick of seeing this hat...because i am! ;) a friend asked that i knit this for december. ah! i have a problem with not being able to knit things that i have a deadline for, instead i knit things for myself and get even more behind on knitting for others!

i have maybe 3 more projects on the horizon promised to other people, but after that i think im going to make 2011 the year of knitting for myself!!! :)

ps this hat has me wanting a black version for myself...


Julie said...

It is such a great hat! No doubt she'll love it. Have you made the trinity hat before? that's my go-to hat pattern, myself.

knit-a-purl said...

@ julia i attempted the trinity hat but got bored.

My got o hat is deffo Lion Brand's SnowStorm hat. Its knits up so quick.

@getknit R u using patons chutland(sp??)chunky?

Jess said...

julie- thanks! i haven't tried the trinity hat....yet...

knit-a-purl- i used patons merino wool (worsted)