Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: side-ways ribs cardigan

pattern: side-ways ribs cardigan

yarn: lion brand alpine wool tweed in barley

needle: sz. 13

started: january 11, 2011

finished: january 15, 2011

super fast and easy knit. this yarn is really cozy and soft, two thumbs up! i did the 3 needle bind-off the wrong way the first time so i had a crazy seam going down the back, i debated just leaving it because ripping back makes me crazy! but i figured since i already put so much time and love into this sweater the least i could do was seam it correctly. :) im glad i did.

and of course, right when i start seaming the sides and sleeves look who gets niiiiiice and cooooozy...

outtake! i usually make my boyfriend take about 50 pictures of me to find one i like @_@ thats how we get lots of these gems...


Julie said...

it looks great!! Love the colour you chose, that cardigan looks so comfortable.

Jess said...

thanks so much :) i wore it to work for the first time cozy!