Monday, December 19, 2011

FO: the natural

pattern: the natural

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes worsted in coal

needle: sz. 7

started: december 13, 2011

finished: december 18, 2011

i told a friend of mine i would knit him a hat...about a year ago, ah!!! well i finally made it :) its kind of hard to see the detail, but there are some really nice cables, kind of a pain to do (especially on the train) but i think it looks pretty good.

i hope it fits him! it fits me great, but i have a huge melon head...and a case of the mondays.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

secret santa success!

tonight was our work holiday party and there were two secret santas going, one with the peeps that work the front desk and one with the teachers...and as a manager i don't really fit either, so i did both! lol

first up we have annemarie, i knit her the orange cowl and i think she liked it! :)

and remember how i knit that calorimetry, well i lost it somewhere in my disaster of an apartment! :( lucky for me i have a stockpile of knitted goods. so i picked out a cowl instead. here is tonya striking a pose in her new gift. i also got her those slippers...did not knit them but i bet i could! ;)

my co-manager alejandra did the sweetest thing ever! she knit me some adorable bracelets and i absolutely love them. as a knitter, i never receive handknit gifts and i really loved that she did this for me. <3

also, during all the party craziness i took a little knitting break in one of the asana rooms...knitting is the new yoga. ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FO: calorimetry

pattern: calorimetry

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes worsted in thyme

needle: sz. 7

started: december 13, 2011

finished: december 13, 2011

here is my final secret santa gift! the past couple times i've knit calorimetry its been so huge, and i have a big head so that's saying something! i tried to make this one smaller as the recipient has a pretty small head...and i think i might have made it too small?! it will still keep her ears warm though, so i guess thats ok.

i cast-on 88 which worked out great, but i only did 7 repeats on each side, i think next time i'll do about 10 or so (yes, there will be a next time!)

i WILL get this pattern perfect! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FO: luxe cowl

pattern: luxe cowl

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes bulky in masala

needle: sz. 13

started: december 11, 2011

finished: december 12, 2011

this is some yarn i had left over from my oatmeal sweater, and luckily the person i drew said she loved being warm and the color orange! it was meant to be. :)

i don't think i made the cowl as 'long' as i was supposed to, but i think it fits really well. i wouldn't want it to be toooooooooo bunchy.

i hope she likes it!

now i have one more secret santa gift to knit by friday O_O woo!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

FO: chicken harry & secret santa #1!

pattern: chicken cozy

yarn: patons classic wool hand-dyed by moi!

needle: sz. 6

started: december 9, 2011

finished: december 9, 2011

last night i had a lovely secret santa with some friends, and i totally made out like a bandit! this is just one of three secret santas i am participating in :) hehe.

i picked my friend harry, whom we so lovingly refer to as chicken harry. so of course i knew i had to knit him a little chicken, i also got him some yoga books and a mala he wanted. i think he REALLY liked the chicken. ;)

i got the perfect gift! knitpicks yarn, starbucks gift card and a travel roll-on of the perfume i wear. i mean, can you say lucky?! of course i had to smell the yarn as soon as i got it lol....

here is a group shot of my crazy/lovely friends <3

Monday, December 5, 2011

FO: masala oatmeal

pattern: oatmeal

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes bulky in masala

needle: sz. 10.5 & sz. 11

started: november 28, 2011

finished: december 3, 2011

oatmeal is done! woooooooooo! i wasn't sure this would fit (because i have a very bad habit of never doing a gauge swatch, oops), but it worked out. i love top down because you can try it on as you go, even though i usually drop a few stitches every time i do that :) hehe

i ended up having a skein and a half extra, better too much than not enough though! i think im going to make a nice bulky hat with the extra...i'm about due for another hat anyways ;)

this pattern was a piece of cake, great commute knitting. seems like i will be wearing handknits all winter...awww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Sunday, December 4, 2011

kbarr knits

my friend kristin learned to knit a while ago, but put it down and mostly sews now. lately she's been coming over for some knit nights and she just finished her first cowl! she wanted it to have some imperfections so she'd put holes here and there and add stitches, etc...i think it turned out great.

she rides a bike everyday to work (and everywhere) so this will be perfect for this winter.

i love seeing her so excited about her new knitting skills! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

FO: where the wild things are

pattern: wear the wild things are

yarn: cascade eco wool

needle: sz. 9 & sz. 10.5

started: november 19, 2011

finished: november 28, 2011

this is one warm sweater! its the first time i've knit a hood on a sweater and i love it, i might remove the ears for everyday wear but im not sure :) the pattern was great, really fast and easy.

the crown was probably the hardest part! i went up a needle size because i have a huge melon head and i got exactly the length (before felting) that i was supposed to, and after felting it barely changed length at all! so weird. so i ended up cutting off 3 of the points and it fit like a glove :) and felting by hand is no joke, my arms were burning. hehe

also had a few hiccups with lining up the shoulder seam, but i blame that on my finishing skills.

i can now let the wild rumpus begin!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FO: speckled shrug

pattern: speckled shrug

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes in thyme

needle: sz. 9

started: september 5, 2011

finished: november 27, 2011

i love this shrug so much!!! its so my style, kinda shapeless, slouchy, and cozy. it did feel like the stockinette would never end though. i ended up knitting to 37 inches instead of 42 because i just couldn't take it anymore. and i was willing to live with the consequences! :)

i want to try to make another one of these but with bulky yarn so it goes faster....we shall see!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! maybe while you let your meal settle you can make yourself this amazing hat...

wild thing

knitting a where the wild things are sweater, its going so quickly! started it 3 days ago and i have the front, back and hood almost done. :)

pretty soon i'll be able to let the wild rumpus begin!

Monday, November 21, 2011

FO: studio shorts

pattern: studio shorts

yarn: patons classic wool in lemongrass

needle: sz. 6

started: november 8, 2011

finished: november 18, 2011

so these didnt turn out quite as planned. i dont hate them....but there is definitely room for improvement. the pattern is really clear and pretty easy, but this is definitely a case where i should have altered the pattern more to my body. i should have done less shorts rows in the behind because its a little baggy, and a little wide on the sides.

i also think they would be better in a different color, this neon shows EVERYTHING! good thing i planned on these being lounging/pj shorts. :)

and here is a gratuitous yoga pic! (you can see a little bit how they fit weird here)

FO: panda silk dk fan shawl

pattern: panda silk dk fan shawl

yarn: knit picks swish dk in gulfstream

needle: sz. 6

started: march 17, 2011

finished: november 15, 2011

finally done! wahoooooooooooooo! i've never really made something like this before, shawls are no joke! blocking it took up almost all the floor space in my tiny studio :) hehe.

the color is so vibrant, i really love how this turned out. and its one of those pieces that people can't believe was handmade. makes me so proud! :)

i had just enough yarn to finish, actually a little less. i had to make the garter stitch border 2 rows instead of 5 because i was cutting it so close.

first shawl...check!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FO: stirrup kneehighs II

pattern: sausalito stirrup socks

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes in truffle

needle: sz. 8

started: february 20, 2011

finished: november 15, 2011

just another testament to how long it can take me to finish a project. :x the knitting of these probably took a few days but i didn't get around to seaming the last one until about 8 months later, ah!!!

i tried to do a little fair isle pattern at the top, i think it ended up just looking kind of weird. oh well! still cozy :) also, the color in this picture is crazy sorry about that...i took this at work and we dont have any walls that don't look like they belong in a preschool. hehe

Thursday, November 10, 2011

who knits short shorts

call me crazy, but im really into having a pair of knitted shorts right now! :) i started a plain stockinette pair and its a surprisingly fast and easy pattern.

after seeing that i was making shorts, a friend of mine sent me a link to these shorts:

theyre so cute! and they retail for $153 (!!!). its kind of fun figuring out how they were made by just looking at them. if im able to pull these off i will be really impressed with myself. :)

here is what i think is happening...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FO: fingerstach

pattern: fingerstach

yarn: patons classic wool

needle: sz. 3

started: novermber 7, 2011

finished: november 7, 2011

this took about 20 min. to make, and it was a huge hit! making a couple more for friends :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FO: cowls

pattern: basic cowl

yarn: loops & threads cozy wool

needle: sz. 13

started: october 4, 2011

finished: october 5, 2011

pattern: thick and quick ribbed cowl

yarn: thick & quick

needle: sz. 13

started: october 4, 2011

finished: october 4, 2011

two cowls in less than 24 hours. need i say more?

Monday, October 3, 2011

FO: copy cat

while browsing etsy i saw this hat and totally fell in love, (its knit by yesjess) i wanted to see if i could make my own by just looking at the picture...

i think its pretty close! i wish mine was a little slouchier, but not bad. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

rebound knitting

i recently went through (am going through) a very, very tough break-up. i have been knitting as my rebound and this is what has happend......

Monday, August 29, 2011

FO: bunny nugget

pattern: bunny nugget

yarn: knit picks simply cotton organic worsted in marshmallow

needle: sz. 8

started: august 28, 2011

finished august 28, 2011

my first pom pom! so cute :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

FO: felicity

pattern: felicity

yarn: manos del uruguay maxima

needle: sz. 8 & sz. 9

started: august 24, 2011

finished august 27, 2011

this weekend while i was all hunkered down because of hurricane irene, i had time to finish a felicity hat that will finally fit my head! i only had to size up about 3 needles >_> lol

this yarn is amazing, i love the colors and i think it will be great for fall. i'm not used to wearing such fitted hats, but i think its pretty cute. i hope i can pull it off!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

FO: baby mitts

pattern: sucky thumb mitts

yarn: lion brand angora merino in blossom

needle: sz. 3

started: august 15, 2011

finished august 16, 2011

so much knitting lately! i've had alot of time on my hands....