Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FO: stirrup kneehighs II

pattern: sausalito stirrup socks

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes in truffle

needle: sz. 8

started: february 20, 2011

finished: november 15, 2011

just another testament to how long it can take me to finish a project. :x the knitting of these probably took a few days but i didn't get around to seaming the last one until about 8 months later, ah!!!

i tried to do a little fair isle pattern at the top, i think it ended up just looking kind of weird. oh well! still cozy :) also, the color in this picture is crazy sorry about that...i took this at work and we dont have any walls that don't look like they belong in a preschool. hehe


Julie said...

those look so cute, but I'm realyl loving this fun photo!! the bright colours, and you look like you're having fun.

Jess said...

thanks julie :)