Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FO: speckled shrug

pattern: speckled shrug

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes in thyme

needle: sz. 9

started: september 5, 2011

finished: november 27, 2011

i love this shrug so much!!! its so my style, kinda shapeless, slouchy, and cozy. it did feel like the stockinette would never end though. i ended up knitting to 37 inches instead of 42 because i just couldn't take it anymore. and i was willing to live with the consequences! :)

i want to try to make another one of these but with bulky yarn so it goes faster....we shall see!


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

look at you go! That is definitely your style. Very cute pics!@
Sarah M

Jess said...

thanks sarah! feels good to finally get some of these WIPs off the needles. :) im on a roll! lol

and the photo credit goes to my coworker alejandra, she takes all my FO pics...whether she likes it or not! ;)