Saturday, December 17, 2011

secret santa success!

tonight was our work holiday party and there were two secret santas going, one with the peeps that work the front desk and one with the teachers...and as a manager i don't really fit either, so i did both! lol

first up we have annemarie, i knit her the orange cowl and i think she liked it! :)

and remember how i knit that calorimetry, well i lost it somewhere in my disaster of an apartment! :( lucky for me i have a stockpile of knitted goods. so i picked out a cowl instead. here is tonya striking a pose in her new gift. i also got her those slippers...did not knit them but i bet i could! ;)

my co-manager alejandra did the sweetest thing ever! she knit me some adorable bracelets and i absolutely love them. as a knitter, i never receive handknit gifts and i really loved that she did this for me. <3

also, during all the party craziness i took a little knitting break in one of the asana rooms...knitting is the new yoga. ;)

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