Monday, March 16, 2009

birthday recap

i had a most fabulous birthday! i took the day off of work (wahoo!) and spent friday in omaha with my boyfriend. first stop of course, was the yarn shop. i always get so overwhelmed there! especially when i don't have a project in mind...i always default to a little bit of yarn rather than too much. i'm not sure if this is a good thing....anywhos, i knew i didn't want sock yarn, i thought maybe some kidsilk haze, but i ended up getting some noro. i have never knit with noro, it's always seemed a bit rich for my blood, but i'm so glad i got some. the colors are amazing and i definitely see some more in my future. i got one skein of taiyo, thinking it would be perfect for a cowl (and i was right!)

after the yarn store we went to whole foods (i miss whole foods so much, just walking in the doors i got so excited, i am crazy) and then we went to anthropologie. my love for anthro runs deep, i know they have crazy high prices, and perhaps an itty bitty chip in there adorable shoulder, but i can't help it! i've only ever gotten stuff on sale there, i just like to browse. :) i did end up getting a few trinkets...

my noro, a new journal, some stationary, teacup with birds and elephant s&p shakers!

after anthro we went to see watchmen in imax. this was my first imax experience, and we probably picked a good movie for it. i'm not really with the whole graphic novel thing, but it wasn't bad, maybe a tad long (almost 3 hours). but pretty entertaining, if you like big blue naked guys.

after the movie we had dinner at the cheesecake factory, needless to say i was very full and very happy by the end of the day. :)

here are some other lovely things i got for my birthday, a self-proclaimed teasnob of a friend sent me some lovely tea...

and i also participated in a birthday swap on ravelry and got these goodies...

(some biscotti and mentos didn't make it to the picture) :)

and last but certainly not least, a bunny home!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

this was from the bf, and i am SO EXCITED. the bunny is yet to come, i'm looking on petfinder, but i'm not really sure if i should get one now or when i'm back in nyc. i feel like moving with a bunny might be a little cuckoo. but i can't wait!!!!

the bf also made me a birthday cake, confetti cake with homemade peanut butter frosting, be still my heart...



Chimera Crochet said...

It seems like a Nebraska bunny would be more wholesome, but then again, why have the stress on you and the bunny when moving time comes?

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

um first are moving for sure now? SAD!
second, I had a bunny when I was little!
THIRD--whole foods, and anthro are my TWO stops in omaha--are we twins or something--weird!!!

julie said...

I bought some things on sale at anthro, too, but in Kansas City!

Happy Birthday!

Are you really moving???!!!