Tuesday, March 3, 2009

do not try this at home

i had another brilliant cast-on idea! so what if i just started oblique, right?! hehe. i had this urge to use up my scrap sock yarn for something. first i thought, scarf or shawl. but after what happened with the last scarf, i think i will be limiting myself to one scarf a year, but anyways! and i wasn't sure about a shawl, i have my clapotis that i don't really wear, and the colors in that are so varied, it might end up looking really similar.

i decided on a cardigan! so this weekend i cast-on for tempest and got about 4 inches into it when i realized that each end had these weird loose stitches, i was so confused....and i have to admit, i miiiiiiiiight have been knitting under the influence. i knew it was a bad idea! so i just threw that wip away. but i have decided to give it another go. i think this time i am going to try the whisper cardigan from the new interweave. i have two copies by the way, so if anyone out there would like one, give me a holler.

i'm hoping using all the scrap yarn ends up looking crazy cool instead of just crazy. it's a short little cardigan also which will be nice and quick. :) i think. here is some of the scrap yarn that will probably be used (except for the neon).

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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

haha, jess, your posts crack me up. Hey I wanted to share this lady's blog with you bc I think you will like her. Her and her husband are tattoo artists and she is from norway--she has awesome taste and she is a big time knitter--her stuff she knits up is super cute and therefore I think you will like reading her blog (she is NEW to the world of knitting too, as in, she learned a few months ago!) here is her site:
she doesnt post too often, but when she does her knits are awesome!