Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what the!

so i have been a busy little bee working away on my oblique sweater...the back is almost done! but there is some bad news... i ordered about 1100 yards of wool of the andes, thats about what i figured i should need, and wouldn't ya know i've used almost 6 skeins on the back alone!!!!! according to the ball band and my crazy good math skillz thats about 660 yards. how is this possible . what's up knitpicks?!?!?!? how am i using over half my yarn for just the back? aaaaaaaaanyways, i made an order yesterday for some more and am crossing my fingers they are in the same color family, aaiiieeee!

i haven't really been knitting on much else, surprisingly enough. i have about 1.5 of my slippers done, but the cord for my knitpicks options needles keep coming apart from the part where you screw it in. knitpicks is out to get me, but my love for them will never die...i don't think.

here is what the back looks like so far, it seems kind of large and in charge but who knows.

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susannahbean said...

I had problems with some of my Options cords, but I called the KP customer service and they sent replacements out free of charge... You could try that!!