Monday, March 23, 2009


this was a knitting filled weekend (of course!). i started a couple new things...but don't fret, one of this them is almost half done! oooooooh yeeeeeeah. i saw a (free!) pattern for some thigh highs and knew they had to be mine. and i FINALLY found something that i could use my scrap sock yarn for. third project is a charm, that's for sure. they are going so fast, i think its a combination of using sz. 3's and using different yarn keeps my a.d.d brain totally intrigued. here is a pic in progress, but i'm already at my knee, wahoo!

i also started my liesl in some comfy knitpicks. it's like buttah. pictures coming soon!

in other news, i'm missing new york so much. oooooh sooooo muuuuuuch. i'm getting more of a feel for when i shall be leaving, and i think i'll be hittin' the road either at the end of june or beginning of july. i can't believe it's almost been a year! wowza. my heartache was made a little worse following my friend's twitters this weekend, i might have to start blocking them ;).

here is my favorite from a friend back home...

patrice: Grinding a drag queen..ohai 1am.

oh nyc, i miss you. <3


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

so what are you going to do in NYC> do you have a job yet? Is your bf goign to be moving with you? We will missss you!

Jess said...

i'm not really sure what i'll do yet...eeeeek! and he's coming too, as of now ;) i'm gonna miss you gals.

Team Knit ! said...

that stripy sock (well, kind of sock) is so awesome!! what pattern are you using? Are you using a pattern?

- Julie

Jess said...

the pattern is lion brand's 'thigh high socks' free on ravelry! :)