Wednesday, October 8, 2008

guess who's back!?

so, remember how i was going to try and blog regularly? haha, oops? better late than never i suppose! well my last post was made from new york city. and i haven't been there since july 3rd. i am now at my new home in lincoln, ne. :) it has been pretty lovely so far. although, i'm starting to get a bit of cabin fever since i don't have a fulltime gig yet, but i'm looking!

some highlights of my time here so far; i have joined a stitch & bitch (squee!), i have had the most productive knitting time in my whole life in these past few months, i actually have more than 9 feet of space to live in, and my boyfriend and i haven't killed each other yet! haha, it's going really well.

on the knitting note, i'm on a major cast-on kick. even more so than normal. if i could, i'd cast-on something new everyday, nevermind the fact that i didn't finish yesterdays project. :) but i loves it. i started some christmas knitting. i'm going to make my parents some felted clogs, but i'm stuck on the pattern so i think i'm going to take it to s&b.

speaking of s&b...i absolutely love it. i can't believe i lived in a city with 10 million people and i never met a knitter until i moved to nebraska. haha, totally my fault, but still kind of crazy. we meet every wednesday and i look forward to it so much. the ladies crack me up and a good time is had by all. i've even learned how to spit splice! oooooh snap!

alright, i'm going to knit a few rows and hit the sack...more posts to come i promise! and pictures too!

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