Saturday, October 9, 2010

nyc yarn crawl: part I

the other day my lovely friend from nebraska, sarah, let me know that the nyc yarn crawl is happening NOW! i had no idea! i have only been to about 2 of the participating stores, so its a really great excuse to hit up lots of yarn stores in the city. the scavenger hunt and raffle are also a nice incentive. i never win anything! (except i just won a free floor cleaning for the yoga studio because i filled out a building management survey...if i used up all my winning karma on that i will not be happy!)

i woke up really late today so i only made it to two stores, downtown yarns and knit-a-way. tomorrow i plan on getting up alot earlier and making it to more stores! i was kind of preoccupied trying to find the scavenger hunt apple, and about entering the raffle that i didnt really have time to browse. hopefully tomorrow i'll have more time to shop around.

after the yarn stores i headed to washington square park to knit a little...

my boss gave me the ok to sell my knitted goodies at the yoga studio this season! i am so excited. right now im just starting off with fingerless mitts, but i think i might also makes hats, scarves or cowls. it will be really cool to see my stuff on display there.

also, she asked me if i am interested in teaching a knitting workshop this december at the studio. ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting. she already said it should be called 'the yoga of knitting' it would mainly be a knitting workshop, but maybe also tying in some yoga philosophy...i dont think it will be hard to connect the two since knitting is so meditative (except when im pulling my hair out.)
im really nervous about teaching this, but i think it would such a cool opportunity!

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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

yay! That sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pics of your items on display...please!
And have fun at the yarn crawl!
Sarah M