Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Triple Rush

hey ya'll! i know its been awhile, i dont think i've had any FO's the whole month of april....ah!!! i dont know whats gotten into me.

i do have some very exciting news though...my boyfriend has stumbled upon a career in reality television! he's a bike messenger here in nyc and the travel channel has a show featuring his company and 2 others...there has only been one episode so far but i must say, besides bridezillas it is my favorite show! :)

its called Triple Rush and its on the travel channel thursdays at 10pm est. my boyfriend is dillon (aka drt) the one who gets lost and doesnt know what he's doing! i couldnt be more proud :)

watch and lemme know what you think!

oh and here i am on his soon to be famous reality tv bike (ps i refuse to ride a bike on the mean streets of nyc...watch the show and you'll see why)

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