Thursday, August 11, 2011

FO: scarf and headband

pattern: scrunchable scarf

yarn: knitpicks swish bulky in seraphim

needle: sz. 10.5

started: august 1, 2011

finished august 8, 2011

i recently got it in my head that i need a really long scarf with fringe for this fall. i usually wear a cowl, but its time i kick it old school! i honestly dont know if i have ever knit myself a scarf before, i never really wanted to because they can get kind of boring and usually take a long time...for me at least. i knit this one almost everyday on the subway so it was a really quick knit.

i am in love with this color! and knitpicks is discontinuing it so i wanted to snatch some up before it was all gone. i cant wait for the weather to cool off so i can wear this beauty :)

pattern: its a cinch headwrap and collar

yarn: lion brand superwash merino cashmere

needle: sz. 9

started: august 9, 2011

finished august 9, 2011

i finished the scarf and then i panicked that i didnt have anything easy to knit on the subway! anything that i have to follow a pattern for is out of the question, so garter is perfect :)

i found this cute free pattern and i think i like how it turned out. i wasnt sure about it at first, but i think its pretty cute...and you can't beat something that can be knit up in less than 24 hours. this one is a great gift idea!


Julie said...

both the scarf and the headband are very pretty!

Anonymous said...

i love the headband. i really want to make one, but when i followed the link it didn't have a pattern. any chance you still have the pattern or link?