Thursday, February 2, 2012

FO: vanessa headband

pattern: vanessa headband

yarn: noro kogarashi

needle: sz. 11

started: january 31, 2012

finished: january 31, 2012

i just got back from vacation in la and i had the BEST time! it was my first time going anywhere west of texas, and i wasn't sure how i would like it as i'm an nyc girl ;) but it was so much fun, the weather was beautiful and it was so fun being able to finally be the tourist. hehe

of course i went to an lys and got myself some vacation yarn! i got this and also some malabrigo that you will be seeing shortly! this was a really quick knit, normally cables really get on my nerves because it feels so fiddly but it wasn't so bad. the yarn is really soft and nice and warm...i finished it just as the weather got alot nicer! lol

it was hard coming back to the city, maybe its time i trade in the east for the west coast. ;)


jo la frite said...

Hi! nice to read you again

Jess said...

thanks jo! :D