Monday, May 7, 2012

FO: balaclava

pattern: balaclava

yarn: knitpicks wool of the andes in coal

needle: sz. 7

started: april 28, 2012

finished: may 6, 2012

recently i decided on a huge goal for myself, and i am REALLY excited about it. i plan on hiking the pacific crest trail. its a 2,500 mile hike from the border of mexico to the border of canada. my goal is to prepare for it this year and begin next april. it takes about 5 months to thruhike and i couldn't be more excited about doing it.

i know its going to be one of (if not the hardest) things i do in my life, but i think it will be so life changing and worth it that i cannot wait.

i've been reading and researching about it nonstop and i know a nice handknit balaclava will come in handy during the cold nights and snowy days :)

i know i have a year to prepare, but hopefully as i get things more in order i can report back and really make this trip a reality.


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Melissa Anne said...

I just got really excited for you while reading about the trail. Yay!!! :D