Thursday, August 16, 2012

bad blogger, FO roundup

yet again, i have let my poor little blog fall by the wayside :( here is another roundup of some FOs i've had the past few months! lots of little projects, lots still on the needles :)

ive been riding my bike alot this summer and decided i needed a ulock cozy...bc why not?! ;)

this cute little panda face knit up in about only 20 min!

i found this om chart on ravelry, and before i started knitting it i had the idea to stick it in a frame. it turned out so much better than i had hoped! this is a fast, cool project i think alot of my friends would love :) (and that is my little garden hehe)

i definitely dont need a cowl in the middle of august, but i think it will come in handy when the weather starts to cool off and im still riding around on my bike. its snug enough so it can cover my mouth while riding

this adorable little guy was knit for my friend stephanie when she had shoulder surgery...shes REALLY into cupcakes. :)

knit this for my love.

love this cowl, its wrapped around twice here but can also be worn so its a big loop. i copied the exact colors the designer used and i love it! hehe

WHEW. i really want to start working on/finishing bigger projects. its just that the smaller projects are so much better for commuting and so satisfying lol



Michelle said...

Jess, I like your eclectic mix of projects! I pretty much just stick with sweaters- giant projects that fall off of the needles when I take them with me in the car. Plus, they are taking over my closet and aren't even practical since I live in the deep south. But your U lock cozy reminds me that I really wanted to knit a skirt guard for my bike this summer and still have not.

BTW the cowl looks so cute on you. I was so happy to see that someone saw it amid all the patterns on Ravelry and actually made it. Yay!

Jess said...

Thanks so much Michelle! I love your pattern and plan on making another :)

The skirt guard sounds like a great idea, will keep my eyes peeled to see how it turns out!

Strickbombe said...

i've knitted that om chart before, but i love your idea of putting it in a frame. that's gone straight on my to-do list!