Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FO: sockettes take 2

pattern: ballet school dropout sockettes

yarn: oceanwind knits in jardin

needle: sz. 2

started: july 30, 2009

finished: august 10, 2009

love these socks, and i can't wait to wear them! mainly because that means it won't be summer and i won't constantly be melting!!! friends, summer is trying to kill me. :( it's always been my least favorite season, but i think this year it's trying to run me out of town.

we don't have ac at home, and at the studio if we even have it on it's set to 79. who puts ac at 79?! help!



Team Knit ! said...

very cute!! they look perfect.

- Julie

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

CUTE socks! Those are the types of socks I (*italics*) could knit!

PS-hey you are in charge now...I say that is your first item that needs to be addressed under new management--AC stays at 73!


Jess said...

thank you! i'm on the lookout for just the right shoes to compliment my socks. :)

and i totally agree with the ac at 73! my friends wants me to try bikram with the room at 103....not in this lifetime! :)


Jackie said...

Ugh I'm not a fan of summer either. It puts a serious damper on my ability to tolerate wool for more than five minutes...