Friday, August 7, 2009

taking the reins

today was our going away party for the manager who i will be replacing. she'll still be around, teaching a couple classes a week...but she'll definitely be missed. we had a little shindig at the studio and somehow i got balloon duty, what the?! my face hurts. after all the training, excitement, nervousness, it's finally time for me to just dive-in. here's hopin' i don't burn the place down! (knock on wood.)

here is the lovely heather, who shall be leaving us to go to columbia and someday become dr. heather. :)

here's the studio...i love how it's so hard to tell the difference between the party decorations and the regular stuff goin' on. it's a festive place! what can i say! hehe.

and most importantly, snacks! we also had a cake, but that was still on ice....

party is over, let the work begin!!!



Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

cute work space! Cheers to you and your new job!
Sarah M

Jess said...

thank you! it is a really cheerful place :) not a bad place to go to work