Friday, July 31, 2009

odd balls

it took me less than 24 hours to knit a sock! i feel a major sock phase coming on. i guess it wasn't a sock so much as a 'sockette'. i was looking for a pattern to use up some random balls of yarn i have, and i think this is perfect. my mom got me some yarn off my loopy ewe wish list a year or so ago, and she didn't know that you need two skeins to make a pair, oops!

in an effort to keep it interesting i think i'm going to knit one sock from a pair and then a sock from another pair. :) hopefully i go back and finish up the pair though! because you never know with me...

here is the first sockette and the yarn i'm going to use for the next one!



susannahbean said...


Andrea said...

Love the sockette! I want to knit a few for myself.

As for knitting one of each pair... sounds like SSS to me, I would never go back to the original sock!