Monday, July 20, 2009

all settled in....sort of

i officially have all of my stuff moved into the new apartment! i had to get some last minute things i forgot over there, this morning. i left my keys there, so i hope there isn't anything i forgot. :) my new room is a MAJOR fixer-upper. which is fine, i've just never spackled or painted before so this should be interesting. my room is kind of sad looking at the moment, i don't own any furniture and a lovely friend gave me a mattress. so i have clutter, suitcases and a mattress.

almost all of my stuff is still in nebraska. i have about 10 big boxes of stuff there, i moved with just two suitcases. it's been really interesting having only two suitcases worth of belongings. i kind of forget all of the stuff i have back in ne...and it makes me realize i can live with much less. i still don't like it though!!! :) i think i'll really feel settled in when i can finally get my stuff. and some furniture! and a tv! and betty!!!!! i'm picking her up tomorrow. i can't wait.

yesterday i went to ikea and could have seriously stayed there forever. oh how i love ikea. i just need to figure out how to get big things like bed frames/desks/dressers from the store to my apt. without paying a million dollars in delivery. these are the rare moments i wish i had a car.

i've been wanting to join a knitting group lately and i was searching ravelry for one...i feel like the city is so big and there is so much going on, it's so hard to find one! then i came across this thread...that was exactly what i was looking for:

8pm-ish Red Hook / Rocky Sullivan’s Pub 34 Van Dyke @ Dwight
6-8:30 LES / Whole Foods @ Houston @ 2nd Ave (upstairs in Food area)
6:30-9 UWS / Yarntopia @ 974 Amsterdam @ 108th
6-9 LIC / Manducatis Rustica @ 4635 Vernon Blvd (bet 47th Ave/46th Rd)
1-3pm Windsor Terrace / Oak and Iris @ 2826 Ft Hamilton Pky (bet. E 4th/E 5th)
5:30-6:30 Chelsea / Amigurimi Club! Lion Brand Studio 15th @ 5th/6th
6-8pm - UWS / Starbucks @ 86th & Columbus
7-10pm - Bay Ridge / Starbucks @ 3rd Ave & Bay Ridge Pkwy
6-8pm - UWS / Knitty City - 79th & Amsterdam Men’s Night!
7pm Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill / location varies, check here for details
6-9pm - Staten Island / Panera behind the SI Mall
7-10:30pm - Astoria / Himalaya Teahouse @ 31st Ave & 33rd St
7-10pm Park Slope / location varies - usually Sweet Melissa’s but check.
12-1:30pm Chelsea Lion Brand Studio 15th @ 5th/6th Ave
7-10 pm Windsor Terrace / Oak and Iris @ 2826 Ft Hamilton Pky (bet. E 4th/E 5th)

ahhh!!!! maybe i'll join them all! ;) i'm kind of nervous about going to one, i hate being the new person. i feel like such a dork!


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