Friday, July 10, 2009

focus is the name of the game

i didn't realize how closely i would have to follow the pattern when i decided to cast-on for trellis. you would have thought just looking at other people's fo's would have been a clue...but no! i really do like the pattern, but man o man, i have to keep very specific notes if i even attempt to set this down. :) it's worth it though, i think it's coming along quite nicely!

i did make a bit of a slip-up (would it be my handiwork if i didn't!?) i made the sides of the back moss stitch, when they should be garter...oops. when i realized it, there was no going back. william will NEVER know, and if he does, he's a baby genius.

money has been pretty tight these days, and i want so badly to buy more yarn...but i have to resist! unfortunately for me, i hate knitting from my stash. i dont know why...i have a complex.

when i get paid next month i vow to make a yarn order, a nice yarny pat on the back for a job well done! :)


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Team Knit ! said...

your trellis sweater is looking great so far!!

- Julie