Monday, July 27, 2009

what's really important

sorry for the lack of posts lately! there hasn't been much new on the knitting front. i'm still working on those thick wool socks and i also cast-on for some slippers for myself. oh, and i have that baby sweater on the needles...and those blankets...perhaps i should be knitting more than i am! :)

i took care of the important things first, like unpacking my yarn and giving it a nice home where i can admire it...and where betty can reach it as i've found out. she doesn't really seem too interested in yarn though, she likes sleeping more i think. i'm sure she'll get her priorities straight soon. :)

as much as i would like to unpack my clothes as well, i don't have a dresser! yeah, i should probably do that soon. i haven't actually unpacked my suitcases since i arrived on may 30. and as you can see, i still have to paint! ah! so much to do.
can you spot betty?! check out those walls, yikes!


1 comment:

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

holy moly lady, that is one compact stash!
IKEA always helps for inspiration... I will be there with you in spirit, lol

What color are you going to do?