Thursday, July 2, 2009

a knitter is born

today i had a knitting date with the lovely francesca! she's a friend from the yoga studio, and she wanted me to teach her how to knit. supporting another's knitting habit? i'm in! she had knit before, but needed help getting the hang of it again. she made this lovely potholder/washcloth, and here she is being oh so proud!

after i showed her how to bind-off, i taught her how to purl. purling can be so tricky, i think when someone kind of already has the hang of the knit stitch, the purl stitch can seem kind of out there. purling is so the ugly stepchild! am i right or am i right?! ;)

i think we're going to make our little knitting dates a regular thing! i really hope so, i miss knitting with friends.

here is the progress i have made on william's sweater, i have made a couple mistakes...but he'll never know! hehe.

thank you for all the congratulations! i'm so excited about the new job. i start training next week! i'm thinking of treating myself to an iphone as a 'way to go! you got a job!' gift. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



Team Knit ! said...

way to enable new knitters! soon, we'll take over the world... :P

- Julie

Ashley said...

I got my prize in the mail today! Thank you Jess! I was so excited, the lip balm smells so good! And I can't get over the knitted holder! Did you dye the yarn yourself? I love the colors, I saw it on you blog, but I didn't know it was for me! I love the postcard too, Thank you!

Jackie said...

It took me six months after learning the knit stitch to learn the purl stitch. You're right, it is the ugly sister...