Tuesday, July 14, 2009

date night

francesca and i had another knitting date! i could sit and chat forever with a friend, some coffee and some knitting! :)

i brought my (kinda) secret socks and finished up the first one. these socks are very cozy, they might not be appropriate in august...but i'm sure they'll come in handy this winter! i'm never quite sure about knitting socks for others, especially when they're a surprise and they can't try them on as i go. i'm just going to hope for the best! i tried them on to see if it looked 'about right'.....it just looked crazy. :)

i found the cutest card at the coffee shop...

on a side note, i'm still training for my new position at work (i officially take over aug. 9). it's going pretty well, it's alot of information and alot of responsiblity but i'm excited to really get going and get in my own rhythm at the studio.

i haven't gotten betty yet...i'm hoping when i officially get moved into my new apt. (at the end of this week), i'll be able to go and get her and bring her home!


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