Friday, July 17, 2009

the (kinda) big move!

tonight i packed up the last of my stuff and sat in front of the a.c knitting some thick winter socks! :) only one (or two) more nights in this itty bitty room. yay!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to be in my own space. finally!

someone at the studio wants to feng shui my place...we'll see what she says. i'm all about powering up my money corner of the room! ;)

i'm trying so hard not to melt these days...fall, where are you?!

ok, i'm going to knit myself to sleep, then tomorrow it's movin' time.


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Nutty Knitter said...

We had a record low yesterday morning. I was so chilled last night that I wanted a sweater.

Today's temp. is rumored to be 80. We'll see.

I've been in the mood to go swimming, see if you can fan some warmer air down this way....

Can't wait to see the new digs!