Saturday, July 11, 2009

decisions, decisions

last night i worked a bit on my mom's xmas blanket (that i'm thinking of turning into her bday blanket....more on that later). i'm running a little behind on my 'july block', but if i do about 3 rows a night for the rest of the month i should be a-ok.

and today when i got off the train, i realized how much i'm going to miss this neigborhood :( where else can you get unicycles, human paint brushes and iced coffee to go?! ok, alot of neighborhoods probably...but still.

this brave little soul was unicycling through the crowds! hehe

i saw this cutiepatootie....she just had to touch the turtle to see if it was real, i was also tempted...

and then everyone wanted her picture, who wouldn't!?


not sure what is going on here...

there's was a table set up with notes people wrote starting with 'think of...' it was cool to read what they had to say.

and then, i went to look at the kitties again. my heart almost exploded. i really don't know if i'm going to be able to choose one! i was initially drawn to a cat named ip, she is a big calico cat (i think). however, she is a package deal with her sister, dip. i would love to take them both, but i really think i should/can only get one cat for now. ip is on the left, dip on the right.

an apartment with 4 people and 2 cats seems crazy. even with only 1 cat i bet it'll be crazy! :)
then i saw betty. betty!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her.

she's so friendly and lovable AND betty is my mom's name. (lol!) i think it's a sign. so i really think my heart is leaning towards betty, i'm hoping she's still there when i go back in a week or so to adopt. :)