Monday, May 17, 2010


so its been really warm in the city lately. well, really warm for me at least. i'm sweating in anything above 70! is it winter yet?! oh man. so i figured this would be the best time to cast-on a chunky blanket hehe. i was walking around a couple blocks away from where i work and what do i stumble upon....the lion brand store! i must say, i wasn't really a big fan of lion brand, but the store is really great. it's big, lots of great yarn, computers to find and print patterns...and ac! awww yeaaaah. so i picked up some thick & quick deciding to make myself my first knit blanket. :) i started off with 3 skein and figured i'd just buy them as i knit them up.
i knit those 3 skeins in 3 days! granted, its super and bulky and on 13's...but still.
here is the blanket so far...

and here is betty trying to get my attention while i knit. hehe

here's hoping it cools off enough to finish this thing without sweating the whole way through. ;)
also, i really want to sew fabric on the back of the blanket once its done...anyone out there know how to do that, or have done it before? i think it would look really nice but have no idea how to go about doing something like that.

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Lisa said...

I'm thinking if you hem the fabric on all edges to prevent fraying to the same size as your finished blanket, you will be able to hand stitch it in place. I would recommend around all sides and every so many inches throughout the center of the blanket so it doesn't act like a giant pillowcase. Also, be sure you wash the backing fabric first.

Others might have better ideas, but, this is all I have on a Monday morning.