Wednesday, June 23, 2010


monday was the official first day of summer. could have fooled me! i've been melting since late april. anywhooooooooooos, there was a solstice celebration in times square and my boss was invited to teach a yoga class. the class was right in the middle of times square. i couldn't really picture in my head how they were going to do that. have you ever seen that place?! its sensory overload, but i went, and it was the coolest thing. hundreds of yogis getting down on their mat right at 47th and broadway.

it was interesting to just watch a whole class happen, normally i'm in it! i must say, it was pretty cool. all different kinds of people, different ages, different levels and i think everyone had a great time.

there were a ton of my friends/coworkers there helping assist the class (it's hard for one teacher to make it around to 100s of students)

here are some pics of the event...



Ashley said...

I have missed your blog posts!
That yoga event looks so amazing! How awesome to be a part of it!

Jess said...

thanks hun! i'm definitely going to be posting more..might not be knitting related but whatevs ;)


chi luna said...

i can't beleive it has been almost a month since we had that crazy loving amazing celebration.....
love our pic <3