Sunday, July 18, 2010

hippie stuff

today my good friend and yoga teacher, luke, led a workshop that was part yoga class, part tie-dyeing. it was so much fun (and so messy!) i dont think my hands will be clean for a while.

we started off with an hour of yoga and then 3 hours of tie-dying! i have a new addiction. i was really interested in how we would do this in the city. at home in michigan, we could just go outside and use the sidewalk or driveway, but here it gets a little tricky. there is really nowhere to do it outside and inside it could be a real disaster. but we put garbage bags down and went to town. i made so many things! we used the regular dye, and then also fabric spray and stencils.

i did tshirts, pillow cases and tank tops. :)

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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

ha! I love the tank-tops, esp. with the rainbow down the back :)