Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FO: calorimetry

pattern: calorimetry

yarn: lion brand organic wool

needle: sz. 7

started: july 25, 2010

finished: july 26, 2010

i only cast-on 96 sts. instead of the suggested 120...and it is still a little big, and i have a big head! i also only did 12 repeats of the 5th row (instead of 15 repeats). i got my friends at the studio to try i on also, it looks great on everyone! :) now they all want one...lucky for me it's a really quick knit.

i'm back on the knitting train in a major way. lots of projects in the works and on the to do list...weeeee!!!

ps. july 21st was mine and betty's one year anniversary! i can't believe we have been in love for a whole year already, this seems like just yesterday! i'm so glad that i adopted her, and can't wait for a long life together. :) don't mind the picture, she hates cameras...

baby yogi

one of the teachers at the yoga studio i work at is having a baby! she is due in december, so i decided to get started on my baby knitting asap...since you never know how long it might take me to finish. :)

when she went to find out if it is a boy or girl, they couldn't tell because the baby was upside down and in a weird position....total yogi baby!!!

i decided to just go with neutrals, mainly because i really wanted to get started. i'm going to make a log cabin blanket out of 4 neutral shades in the tan/cream family...i think it will be really cute.

i also plan on sewing a lining on it........scary! i will definitely be looking for help with that when the time comes.

here is betty and the work in progress :)

ps i've been thinking about piercing my nose! ah! what do you think, yay or nay?!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

hippie stuff

today my good friend and yoga teacher, luke, led a workshop that was part yoga class, part tie-dyeing. it was so much fun (and so messy!) i dont think my hands will be clean for a while.

we started off with an hour of yoga and then 3 hours of tie-dying! i have a new addiction. i was really interested in how we would do this in the city. at home in michigan, we could just go outside and use the sidewalk or driveway, but here it gets a little tricky. there is really nowhere to do it outside and inside it could be a real disaster. but we put garbage bags down and went to town. i made so many things! we used the regular dye, and then also fabric spray and stencils.

i did tshirts, pillow cases and tank tops. :)