Monday, February 28, 2011

FO: anthropologie headwrap

pattern: anthropologie inspired braided headwrap

yarn: merino wool from the union square market

needle: sz. 13

started: february 26, 2011

finished: february 26, 2011

this yarn is so soft i can't even put it into words! i bought it at the union square market, and i wasn't sure exactly how many yards i had, so i wanted to pick a pattern that i knew i would have more than enough for. :)

the woman at the market let me know that i should rinse this yarn out before wearing, she wasn't kidding! my fingers got dyed!
as you can probably tell, i love quick knits that can preferably be worn on my head!

the weather is getting alot nicer so i'm going to have to start wearing this thing asap if i want to get some use out of it before spring officially hits. :) also, this post has made me realize how badly i need to get out in the sun. ah!

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