Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FO: gregan's birthday sweater!

pattern: sorello

yarn: knitpicks swish dk in squirrel heather

needle: sz. 6

started: february 10, 2011

finished: february 25, 2011

i literally finished this sweater with 3 min. to spare, ah!!! but i got it done and that is all that matters :)

gregan is the niece of my lovely co-manager (what up, jim!), she just turned two and i was so happy to knit her a birthday sweater. its so great to see the final knitted product on, the sleeves are a little big...but i think she looks so cute!

overall the pattern was a little confusing, it was 15 pages long! that seemed a bit excessive for a little girl's sweater, but what do i know! im all about knitting for the little ones lately, so fast, easy and adorable!

happy birthday gregan!!!

1 comment:

Ashleigh said...

this sweater is adorable! as a would-be-someday-up-and-coming-knitter, i'm super inspired by your work!