Wednesday, November 26, 2008

who am i kidding?

so, i messed up! i know this is par for the knitting course, but it never ceases to make me nuts! i finished the back of my sweet pea coat (wahoo!) and started the right front...that's where it all got crazy. it all began with the dividing for the pocket, i just didn't understand the pattern at all. so, after much thought, and pulling of hair, i decided to forget the pocket all together! who needs pockets anyways!? (actually i probably do).

so i ripped back at least 8 inches, and that just kills me. i would almost rather live with that funny looking stitch down there, i mean, who would notice?! besides me, every other minute or so. but since i'm putting so much time and love into this knitted piece of gloriousness, i figure the least i can do is re-knit a couple (dozen) rows.

here is a picture pre-frogging, when i thought i might just have a faux-pocket...ya know, the kind that are just rows of different looking stitches, that make no sense! sorry the picture is kind of dark, and don't mind the hair-tie stitch marker hehe.

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