Tuesday, November 25, 2008


happy tuesday! i'm hoping that the power of suggestion starts taking effect...because i woke up in the worst mood today. and even though i'm not really a morning person, that doesn't happen that often. and then i go to open some new tights, and they get a hole in them! what's up with that?! knitted tights wouldn't to day that! just sayin'.

on a knitted note, i talked to my brother yesterday and he already put a hole in the hat i made him. he has owned it for less than a week. he said it started to unravel by itself. mhmm, riiiiiiiiight. now, i know i'm no E.Z, but i also know a hat doesn't just start unraveling while it's on someone's head. maybe when i first started knitting, but not now! my mom asked if she can fix it, but i told her you have to be a knitter. haha, i don't really care though, she probably could, i was just irritated.

so i have lots and lots of things on the needles...mittens, a coat, a sweater, two socks, a scarf, and i want to start another cowl, but that will have to wait (at least another day or two). and out of all that stuff, only one thing isn't for me! oh man, i really need to knit for xmas exclusively (like that'll happen). but right now the sweet pea coat from twist collective is my #1 wip. oh how i love it. and it's on 13's, so it's zooming. here is a picture of me and my new prized wip.

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