Saturday, November 29, 2008

two owls, no turkeys

happy day after thanksgiving! i spent the day at my boyfriend's aunt & uncle's and had some yummy food...although no turkey. but i did love this broccoli, cheese, rice concoction someone made. we were there pretty much all day, so you KNOW i brought some knitting with me. i'm pretty much over feeling self-conscious about knitting at family gathering type events. i kind of feel like it makes me seem anti-social, and then i think about how much i really want to knit, and i couldn't care less what people think. :) hehe. nobody comes between me and my wips.

i brought my sweet pea coat with me and i finished the left side, so i only have the sleeves left! but i need sz. 13 dpns and of course i don't have any! i have just about every other size (doesn't that always happen?) i checked joann's and hobby lobby and they didn't have any either. i considered doing some math and knitting them flat and seaming, but that idea lasted about 5 seconds...i think i'll check the lys tomorrow.

so, since my sweet pea coat has to be set aside until i get my hands on some 13's i worked on my 'give a hoot' mittens. this pattern has had about 20 corrections since it came out....a month ago. and i am someone who does not trust my better judgement and i follow a pattern to the death! but i made it through, and my mittens are done and they fit! so i am pretty pleased. i even sewed on the little button eyes! they are my favorite touch. they are a light blue and they look like they are glowing.

i love that i have two full days of free time that i can knitknitknitknit. i am truly embracing my obsession these days. :) here are my owl mitts...

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Nutty Knitter said...

I'm loving the mittens. Did you see the owl sweater on Ravelry?

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