Friday, March 5, 2010

birthday wishes

so, i am a little bit crazy about birthdays. I LOVE THEM!!!!! your's, mine, doesn't matter. :) today is actually my friend francesca's bday (happy birthday francesca!!!!!) in the spirit of birthdays...i wanted to make a teeny tiny post about things that i love. birthday wishes if you will! i like to buy myself something really nice for my birthday every year, guilt free. here are a few ideas. hehe
i have had my eye on this quilt from anthropologie for quite some time. if their prices weren't sky high i would have gotten it already! so instead, i dream. i'm moving soon (very soon) and would love to do a total overhaul of my room. this would be the perfect place to start if you ask me!
i pretty much love everything in creative thursday's etsy shop. everything is so adorable. i want them all!
i would love to frame these cards and put them up in my new room. aren't they cool???
ahhhhh! when i saw this necklace i fell in love. and it's called the frida necklace, i mean come on. at first it looks like there is maybe a piece of lace or paper between glass but it's actually hand-painted. beautiful!
i need these earrings. i must have these earrings. my hair is so crazy and long, i think the feathers would fit in quite nicely! :) they are a bit on the pricey side....but it's my birthday!!!! hehe
and last but definitely not least, my favorite perfume of all time. stellaaaaaaaaaaaa! i love thee.
so, those are just a few things that i love. what do you want for your bday?!?!?!?


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

oh my goodness, lURVS your list, haha! I say get the earrings from the "birthday fairy" and then buy the quilt from Anthro for yourself. Hey, that just became two things, guilt free. I'll never tell!
Sarah M

julie said...

Was that the perfume you were wearing Wed night? A little bit lingered on my scarf after we hugged. Smelled nice!

Jess said...

julie- i was wearing it! hehe

and sarah...i think you have the right idea ;)