Sunday, March 14, 2010

FO: dayglo toes

pattern: my own

yarn: patons classic wool merino in mercury and lemon-grass

needle: sz. 5

started: march 11, 2010

finished: march 14, 2010

for these socks, i used my inros and kabukis as a jumping off point. in other words, i pretty much just cast-on what those patterns called for and knit in plain stockinette the whole way! :) easy peasy. i cast-on 42 stitches and after 3 inches decreased to 40 stitches. super fast, super easy.

i got a gift card to the yarn store here in lincoln, and found out that i only had a couple hours to go use it! (they are closed on sundays and i leave on monday!) so i hightailed it over there, nothing like 'having' to spend money at a yarn store. i could have been there forever, i kept picking up things and putting back...i just couldn't decide!

i eventually settled on two different sock yarns and some tweed cascade. i only went over my gift card by 48 cents, not bad! i had my eye on this super bright yellow sock yarn for a while, so i figured it had to be mine! i'm sensing a pattern here with the crazy neon yellow....i love it! also got some misti alpaca sock yarn, soooooooo squishy soft and then some nice rustic tweed cascade (which will probably also be socks).

this has been a very productive week in terms of my knitting, i think i cast-off 3 different projects....wha! that's crazy. nothing like getting away from the craziness of the city to get some quality knitting done. :) i head back tomorrow, and i must say, i miss it! i heard it has been raining like crazy though....definitely glad i missed that.

when i get back it is going to be right back into the craziness, i have lots of work to catch up on, class to take and an apartment to find! i'm moving in with a dear, dear friend of mine, and we have until april 1st to get a place. ah!!! nothing like trying to find an apartment in nyc to get your heart going. but the idea of living with a friend is so exciting, its been a long time coming. i finally feel like i'll be living in my own house instead of someone else's! can't wait.


Julie said...

I love the bright toes and cuffs!! great socks. have good trip!

Jess said...

thanks! looks like my flight is canceled, i might see you at knitting again this week ;)