Monday, March 15, 2010

canceled flight=more knitting!

i have hands down, the WORST luck with flights. the past 3 times i've flown i've had delayed/canceled flights. ah! today i was supposed to fly back to nyc and my flight was canceled! i'm not sure why, i think it was the weather in has been pretty stormy there the past week or so. at least i didn't make it all the way to the airport this time! so, if all goes as planned i fly out tomorrow.

no work/traveling today meant a day full of knitting! woooowoooooo :) i'm working on my second tweed cascade sock and i am LOVING this yarn. it's so rustic and earthy, i want more! i also cast-on for a less conventional project....i'm making over the knee legwarmer thingies in some sport weight baby yarn.

i don't normally knit with baby yarn, but i really liked the bright colors. i thought i'd mix it up! i'm not sure if i'm liking how it is knitting up....we shall see!

all of this knitting has made me feel kind of lazy. i'm excited to get back to the city and get my yoga on and dare i say.....walk around. ah! normally i'm complaining about all the walking i have to do in the city, but i miss it! i need to get my butt moving. :)


Julie said...

I love travel knitting too! It's easy to stay calm and not get frustrated when you can happily knit away....

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

ah jeez, these cancellations are crazy!
Ah well, glad you had a good birthday and got to knit for a week straight!!!!
Sarah M