Thursday, December 4, 2008

charts are out to get me

i love s&b. i look forward to it every week, and it never disappoints! also, i learn something new every time i go. a couple weeks ago i learned that you read charts from right to left, not left to right! who knew?! apparently everybody but me! all those years of chart reading, and i'd been doing it backwards, i expect nothing less. and last night, i remembered that bottom up does not infact mean 'in the round'. duh! sometimes i wonder about myself...

also, tana helped me figure out a chart repeat that was practically invisible. only two rows into my 'lucy in the sky' cardigan and i'm already needed back-up, ahgeez. see! this is why i can never miss a s&b! i might be knitting things inside-out and backwards, who knows!

so i'm making my lucy cardy about 2 sizes bigger than my actual size, because i like loose fitting sweaters...i hope it ends up looking cozy as opposed to ridiculous. only time will tell! stay tuned to find out. and here is my lucy cardy hanging out on my desk at work...and this is my desk in it's 'clean' state. hehe

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luneray said...

Well, if you are knitting left handed, you read the charts left to right (on RS rows anyway). I figured this out after trying to knit a shadow knitting pattern and after 20 rows had a complete mess. It ended up with me throwing the yarn away in fit of angry tears but breakthrough moments are often very emotional. Plus it was Red Heart Super Saver yarn. (I don't have anything against acrylic but I don't like THAT acrylic!)